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A Nebraska Pop Festival Sampler

by Cris


The Nebraska Pop Festival is goes on its second year today, and to promote it, they’re giving out a free digital mixtape of the bands participating. Today’s the first night of the festival, which kicks off at Barley Street Tavern at 8:00 pm and continues on until Sunday, September 19th with a final night at The Sydney. So if any of you indie music fans are in the area, just head on over to the venues posted at the festival’s MySpace page ’cause that’s where the party’s at 😉

As with last year’s fest, all proceeds will go to a local radio station — and this year it’s going to be University of Omaha’s UNO Mav Radio.

The mixtape has tons of goodies from new, up and coming bands participating in the pop fest from different parts of the US as well as from Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. We’ve sampled a few of our favorites here at The Indie Music Database which you can check out after the jump —

For Me, For Us, For You by Paper City

This fresh piano-pop song comes from Long Beach, California band Paper City. Led by singer/songwriter Marisa Predisik, Paper City started out as a solo act called Moedog Darling and evolved into three-piece – with bassist Ben Swanson and drummer David Waterman backing up Predisik’s breezy vocals.

Song From A Kind Stranger’s Floor by Doug Hoyer

Song From A Kind Stranger’s Floor is a playful little tune from Canadian ukelele troubadour Doug Hoyer. This comes off his debut EP – Two New Songs by Doug Hoyer which is also available for download at here.

In My Arms Again by Spencer McGillicutty

A band inspired by 60’s doo-wop, Minnesota’s Spencer McGillicutty represents the retro-pop delegation of Nebraska’s Pop Festival. The group is composed on Nicole Wilder and Brittany Miller on vocals, Ryan Ruff Smith on guitar and Mitchell Johnson on guitars and piano and was formed in 2004 during a study abroad trip to London

Built for Two by James And The Express

Olympia Washington’s James and the Express is delightful band named after a Thomas the Tank Engine episode. Their contribution to the Nebraska Pop Festival mixtape is this sweet little song about love lost – with a touch of jangly guitars and hand-claps. Built for Two also appears on their 2009 album – Are Your Tomatoes Safe?

The Recovery by Kissing Party

Here’s one for you shoegaze/indie pop fans courtesy of Denver’s Kissing Party. Composed of Deidre Sage, Gregory Dolan, Joe Hansen, Lee Evans and Shane Reid – the group delivers, perfect sunshiney, classic twee-pop girl/boy harmonies that are impossible not to love.

Casanova by Thunder Power

Nebraska’s own Thunder Power is another twee-pop band in the Pop Festival lineup. Their single -Casanova, stands out from usual indie pop songs with its the quirky addition of organ sounding keyboards and Kacynna Tompsett’s unique lazy/raspy vocals.

Don’t Change by Alone With Everybody

One of the international bands participating in Nebraska’s Pop Fest,  Alone With Everybody comes from Tolouse, Saint Aubin, France. Don’t Change is a shorty folksy little ditty that exudes with so much charm I just had to make it our Lyric of the Day. 


Remember, you can check out all these acts from today until Sunday at different music venues in Nebraska – just head on over to their site to check out the Festival schedule 🙂