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Belle and Sebastian are all sorts of cool, and awesome news from Johnny Foreigner

by Cris


I don’t usually post music news, but if it’s from my fave bands, y’all gotta know about it too – even if it’s a few days late.

So, Belle and Sebastian is going to release their new album next month – and they’ve been pretty keen on building up the hype. The latest is offering up a download of “Write About Love” – a lovely song that features Carey “Sally Sparrow” Mulligan on guest vocals. And the verdict? – I like! It’s your typical Belle and Sebastian song, coupled with a duet with one of my favorite Doctor Who characters (well at least the actress who played her). What’s not to like?

Belle and Sebastian have pulled all the stops in promoting this album – with a half hour webisode up on their site, that showcases new songs, a Q and A, and tongue in cheek skits on the dynamics ‘making it’ in the music industry today…

I have no doubt, it won’t disappoint — it’s an album fans have been waiting for, and Belle and Sebastian is smart enough to stick to the formula that works. Although, it leaves me curious to know – what if they made a heavily electronic album? You know, instead of just one Electronic Renaissance in one album, why not make a whole album of it?


In other news, my favorite noisy/fun group – Johnny Foreigner is going on a tour of North America this October, with none other than Los Campesinos! Exciting stuff, especially since I love both bands. Sadly, the venues they’ve announced don’t have Vancouver listed 🙁 I don’t know why most bands skip Vancity when it comes to North American tours – Vancouver’s just as fun as Toronto. Plus, I’m here – and I want to see you! Nonetheless, this is still exciting stuff for all of you out there who were lucky enough to have their cities listed. So, if any of you kind readers will be attending the concert – could you score me a t-shirt? I’ve got my eye on the design that’s posted here – I think it’s awesome 🙂 And for those who can’t attend (like me) – here’s a a freebie from the band which you can download here, along with another song 🙂

Concert dates are posted at the Los Campesinos blog.

Here’s Johnny Foreigner with Salt, Pepa and Spinderella –  one of my favorite videos from the band from a couple of years back. –