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Frederik Teige, Gaoler’s Daughter and Year of the Tiger

by Cris


I’ve gathered a bit more time to regularly post for the next three weeks – so I’m going to make the most of it by posting new stuff to enjoy on the site 🙂 First on the agenda is Fresh from the Post. I know it’s taken a bit of a backseat the last couple of months, but I’m happy to say that I’m unloading some of the good stuff that’s been sitting in my Inbox for the past couple of weeks. Here’s a taste of a couple of fresh new tracks from my stash of ear candy, all for your listening pleasure-


What is New?

I love Efterklang. After hearing Modern Drift from the 4AD Sampler album, I became an instant fan. When I got the email from Bad Panda Records that Efterklang’s Frederik Teige is releasing a new solo album – I knew I just had to share. What is New? is his debut single off his album ‘Body God’. It’s a short but sweet tune that’s just the song to accompany as you while you wait for the week’s end. It’s not Saturday yet, but a nice new song makes the day pass by ever so quickly, don’t you think?

Bad Panda’s also got it as a free download on their site, accompanied by a Frederik Teige Q and A.




If you hear something familiar about Gaoler’s Daughter’s music (pronounced as Jailer’s Daughter), it’s probably because the members carry with them influences from a couple of young UK bands that you’ve probably heard of before. Consisting of former members of bands Larrikin Love, Littl’ans, No Picasso and Letters From London – they’ve got a new EP called Alchemy where our featured track comes from.



White Flag

I don’t often get a lot of electro-dance songs, and when I do, I often end up liking them. Henry Ivry and Sable Yong of Year of the Tiger brings out the noisy, rocked-out version of electro-dance which makes it all the more exciting for me, since I like it with a side of extra noisy electric guitar samples. Now if they can just figure out how to get in some fast, upbeat, live drums in there too (ala Cold Rock the Mic), I’d be their forever fan.