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Indie Music Hotties

by Cris


Seeing the title, you might think – when did this site transform into Seventeen magazine?

For lack of any other ideas for topics for the Friday’s list that’s coming on a Tuesday, and seeing as to how I always think guys in the indie music  scene are underrepresented when hotness polls come up, I’ve compiled a short list of who I think are the hotties of today. My gauge for hotness is based on a guy’s ability of producing or singing a song that could make my heart melt – and that’s not accounting for physique and looks (aka a hot bod and a cute face).


This one is probably an obvious choice. Anyone who’s ever been familiar with Sufjan Steven‘s music knows that he has the talent (and man, does he have talent!) as well as the look. If you haven’t heard of Sufjan, take a listen to his Illinoise album and you’ll definitely know what everyone’s been raving about. His songs combine lyrical talent, beautiful instrumentation and a soothing voice that can make any girl (or in some cases, any guy) swoon. Forget about the gay rumors. Many think a lot of his songs have gay undertones – but to be fair though, To Be Alone With You doesn’t really count, right – since it’s about Jesus? Either way, he’s still a major hottie. Isn’t ambiguity in sexual preference the ‘in’ thing these days?

Check out Cute!Sufjan in the video after the jump, and this song from his upcoming electro-album(?) called Too Much. It deviates from his previous work, but the electro-girl in me is digging it.



Fyfe Dangerfield is like that little scruffy cat who knows how to tug on your heartstrings.

Known for being the frontman of the Guillemots, he did some solo work early this year, with an album containing his lovely take on Billy Joel’s classic song – She’s Always A Woman.

A lot of Fyfe’s appeal is in the songs he composes. There’s plenty of heart in them –  from the hauntingly moving Blue Would Still Be Blue to the upbeat and quirky Who Left the Lights Off. Like Sufjan, Fyfe has a knack for creating beautiful songs. One my favorites, is a song that encapsulates that raw and giddy feeling that you get when you fall in love. Made Up Love Song #43 is *the* perfect love song. Honestly, I would fall head over heels for anybody who would compose a song like that for me. I don’t mind if he’s doing that crazy epeleptic seizure dance in the video – the song totally makes up for it.



His face might not be familiar, but you’ve definitely heard of his voice. Dougy Mandagi is the vocalist for The Temper Trap – a band, whose main claim to fame is scoring that song from last year’s hit indie flick (500) Days of Summer.

Sweet Disposition is one of the best songs I’ve heard of in the past few years. It has an incredible replay value and it’s a song that I can listen to over and over again without getting tired of it. It also probably helps that I’ve associated it with my favorite film and JGL. (Yep, that’s what us fangirls call him back in the day – and not be mistaken with JTT. I was a Tommy fan all the way). Then again, without the film, or the movie heartthrob association,  the song holds well on its own, as most of its charm comes from the way Dougy Mandagi delivers the vocals. His falsetto singing style comes out as effortless and the perfect way he renders the lyrics is enough to make your heart skip a beat.

To date, I’ve actually seen three versions of the music video of this song but I especially like this one though –



The Maccabees lead singer may not be able to sing in effortless falsetto, in fact, his voice is anything but. His is one that’s quite distinct – deep and sometimes quavering, it gives off that strong yet vulnerable effect — which a lot would definitely find sexy. Not only does it add character to The Maccabees songs, but  Orlando makes it more heartfelt, making it easy for anyone to fall in love.

And he’s got lyrical talent too. If you give a close listen, you’ll find The Maccabees song lyrics to be quite endearing.