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Has It Been That Long?

by Cris


Surprise! We’re still alive! I know, I know, it’s been ten years since my last post – it would’ve been lucky eleven, but I just had to push by butt into posting something here. No promises here – I’m not sure when the next post will be, but I figure it will be more frequent nowadays that I’ve given The Indie Music Database a new coat of paint. We’re in the 2020’s now, so might as well spruce things up!

There’s still a couple of things that need tidying up, a couple of more pages to add, some code to debug and layout to fix but the site is back up. I’m a one-man show right now so forgive the little quirks that you see that I haven’t gotten to fixing yet as I do some housekeeping.

Who am I kidding, nobody’s reading this anyways.

But hey, if you do happen to just stumble upon this site – welcome!

Feel free to browse around and enjoy!