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Christmas Countdown Day 2: Fireside

by Cris


Tancred, Jenny Owen Youngs, John Mark Nelso

Fireside comes to us as a collaboration from three young artists: Tancred, Jenny Owen Youngs and John Mark Nelson.

We typically find a lot Christmas song covers this season, but occasionally a nice new holiday tune comes our way and it’s hard not to share. Coincidentally, the song came about as the three collaborated on their own cover of Silver Bells, and decided to whip up a nice new holiday tune to accompany this release.

Jenny Owen Youngs tell us more about the creative process behind the song –

“We decided to accompany this take on Silver Bells with an original holiday song in similar emotional territory: joyful, but contemplative; secular, but reverent. What we found while writing Fireside together was a crisp homage to indoor rumination in December, and keeping warm with loved ones when daylight is brief and winter nights are long”