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My Year In Lists

Los Campesinos!

Release Year: 2008

Label: Wichita Recordings

1) My Year in Lists
2) The Eyebright Bugler

Other Releases by Los Campesinos!

Whole Damn Body (2021)

Sick Scenes (2017)

No Blues (2013)

Heat Rash #3 Footnotes (2012)

Hello Sadness (2011)

Romance is Boring (2010)

There Are Listed Buildings (2009)

Death To Los Campesinos (2008)

We Are Beatiful We Are Doomed (2008)

Hold on Now, Youngster... (2008)

International Tweexcore Underground (2007)

You! Me! Dancing! (2007)

The International Tweexcore Underground (2007)

Sticking Fingers Into Sockets (2007)

Hold on Now, Youngster (2006)