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Release Year: 2002

Label: Blackbean & Placenta Tape Club

1) F>I>G>U>R>I>N>E>(Reconfigurine Theme) (Remix By Figurine)
2) I Wait For You (By The Telephone) (Remix By Pacifica)
3) Eurodiscoteque (Remix By Technicolor)
4) My First UFO (Remix By Ckid)
5) You (Remix By David Figurine)
6) Tired Eyes (Remix By DJ Blank)
7) International Space Station (Remix By David Figurine)
8) City 2 City
9) S.O.S. (Remix By Double Agent)
10) Batteries (Can't Help Me Now) (Remix By Mall)
11) The European Beauty (Remix By Phasmid)
12) ROBOTS 2002 (Remix By Figurine)
13) New Mate (Remix By Steward)
14) New Millenium Song (Remix By Flowchart)
15) An Electronic Address (Remix By Printed Circuit)
16) Digits (Remix By Accelera Deck)
17) Bonus Track 1

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