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Atlantis, Oh Our Saviour

The Rest

Release Year: 2005

Label: Auteur Recordings

1) The Close Western
2) Copying
3) Innocent Fools
4) Atlantis, Typhoon, Oh Our Saviour, Starving Bears! Dance! Dance! (an interpretation of "We Stole Your Grandma's Organ and Now it Can Dance")
5) Memories Like Photographs (An Icelandiguese Fable)
6) I Can Collect Popsicle Sticks, You Failed Hobbyist!
7) Nonsense
8) The Short Night/Strangers on a Train
9) A New Pair of Jeans (Acid Wash Mix)
10) Success
11) Bensalem

Other Releases by The Rest

Everyone All At Once (2009)

Apples and Allergies (2008)