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Architecture In Helsinki

Architecture In Helsinki


Years Active: 2000 to 2018

Genre: Indie Pop, Twee

Country: Australia


Kellie Sutherland (vocals)
Jamie Mildren
Sam Perry
Cameron Bird (vocals)
Gus Franklin
Tara Shackell, former member
Isobel Knowles, former member
James Cecil, former member

Artist Bio:

(From band's official website) It all began at the end of the '90s in a small Australian country town with a teen funk-grunge band called The Pixel Mittens, which featured core Architecture In Helsinki members and longtime friends Cameron Bird, Jamie Mildren and Sam Perry. The three pals outgrew the limitations of rural living and moved to Melbourne to have some fun. After the high school band burnt out, flamboyant lead singer Cameron, who was often seen on stage riding exercise bikes and conducting audience workout sessions, needed to branch out; Primus and Led Zeppelin were no longer doing it for him on a spiritual level. It was then he met a folkie who diverted his taste and inspired him to learn how to play guitar while she was out at work in the evenings. Rather than figuring out how to play '70s AM easy listening hits, Cameron opted to create his own songs from the outset, fashioning heartfelt li'l dark folk jams with an emphasis on the 'dark'. Within the year he had rounded up a group of friends to try and play the songs in concert. The original line-up played one or two half-hearted shows in......[Read More]



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