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The Spinto Band

The Spinto Band


Years Active: 1996 to present

Genre: Indie rock

Country: United States


Nick Krill
Thomas Hughes
Jeffrey Hobson
Sam Hughes
Joey Hobson
Jon Eaton, former member
Albert Birney, former member

Artist Bio:

(From In early 1996, the world was seemingly reconciling some of its evolutionary hang-ups. Gary Kasparov defeated Deep Blue in one of the most epic chess matches of all time. Scientists discovered the possible evidence of life on Mars. President Clinton appointed the first female US Secretary of State. And in one cluttered basement in Wilmington, DE, the Spinto Band began to materialize. Spinto, huh? The story actually begins deep in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, where band member Nick Krill was rummaging through the personal effects of his late grandfather, the guitar player Roy Spinto. For years, Roy had penned lyrics on the inside of Cracker Jack boxes, and in one simple juxtaposition of time and fate, Nick found the lyrics that would inspire the creation of the Spinto Band. And they hit the ground running. The energy was undeniable, and it wasnt long before Jon Eaton, Thomas Hughes, Nick Krill, Joe Hobson, Sam Hughes, Jeff Hobson and Albert Birney (who has since left the band to pursue the visual arts) found themselves with a massive musical proliferation at hand. Eight years and seven self-released albums later, the Spinto Band is in the prime vein......[Read More]



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