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The Boy Least Likely To

The Boy Least Likely To


Years Active: 2002 to present

Genre: Indie Pop, Twee

Country: United Kingdom


Jof Owen
Pete Hobbs

Artist Bio:

(From their official MySpace page) once upon a time there lived a band called the boy least likely to. there were two of them. one of them was called jof and the other one was called peter. jof writes all the words and sings, and peter writes all the music and plays all the instruments. sometimes they play live, and when they do they have five of their friends playing their songs with them. they met when they were still at school and grew up together in the middle of the english countryside in the small buckinghamshire village of wendover. they spent their teenage years scouring countryside car boot sales for rare dexys seven inches and lee hazlewood albums. reading ted hughes, anne sexton and smash hits magazines. watching john hughes films and old videos of top of the pops. all the time putting together a collection of weird and wonderful instruments found in second hand shops, craft fairs and the early learning centre. when they were a bit older they started their own record label called too young to die to put out their records and released three seven inch singles before releasing their debut album, the best party......[Read More]