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Years Active: 2000 to present

Genre: Chamber Pop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Country: Canada


Pat McGee (percussion)
Chris Seligman (keyboard programming / french horn)
Torquil Campbell (vocals / keyboards / trumpet)
Evan Cranley (bass / guitar / trombone)
Amy Millan (guitar / vocals)

Artist Bio:

From the Arts & Crafts website.Stars are a Canadian indie pop band. Originally formed in Toronto in 2000 by vocalist Torquil Campbell and keyboardist Chris Seligman, the band relocated to New York City and then subsequently to Montreal. The band also includes singer-guitarist Amy Millan and bassist Evan Cranley. Drummer Pat McGee has toured with the band for years, despite not appearing on their albums until the release of Set Yourself On Fire. Violinist Genevieve Walker and guitarist Steve Ramsey (of Young Galaxy) have toured with the band in the past; neither are joining the band on their current tour, which features Alan Snoddy on guitar. The band's breakthrough single was "Ageless Beauty", from their 2004 album Set Yourself on Fire. While released to minimal fanfare in Canada in October of 2004, Set Yourself on Fire slowly gained a strong following and critical praise soon after its 8 March 2005 U.S. release. Millan, Campbell and Cranley are also members of the indie band Broken Social Scene; Seligman, although uncredited, has contributed to past Broken Social Scene albums. Millan has since embarked on a solo career, releasing a record entitled "Honey From the Tombs" in July 2006. Campbell has a side-project with friend Chris Dumont entitled......[Read More]



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