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The Wombats

The Wombats

Years Active: 2003 to present

Genre: Indie Rock, Pop Punk

Country: United Kingdom


Matthew Murphy (vocals / guitar / keyboards)
Dan Haggis (drums / additional vocals)
Tord ?verland-Knudsen (bass / additional vocals)

Artist Bio:

(From their official website) At first, The Wombats were a joke they didn't want anyone to find funny. "For our first gig we wore jesters' hats with sunglasses," says guitarist/singer Matthew 'Murph' Murphy. "They had bells on the end," adds drummer/singer Dan Haggis. Murph: "In the middle of the songs we'd break into uncontrollable screaming. The idea was not to be funny." Dan: "If people laughed we'd be like 'ah we dogged it'. We wanted it to die on its feet. Literally people would just stand there and there'd be this awful silence. You know like in The Office when there's a dreadful silence, and the next day we'd be like 'Ah that was amazing that bit, wasn't it?' We still love dying on our feet sometimes." Murph: "It was a lot of silliness. The idea of the band was to be stupid. We were just idiots." But this was back in 2003, when The Wombats were enrolled in Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute Of Performing Arts (LIPA). Local lads Murph and Dan, despite playing cricket against each other for their respective schools near Strawberry Fields, only actually met......[Read More]