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The Concretes

The Concretes


Years Active: 1995 to present

Genre: Indie Pop

Country: Sweden


Lisa Milberg (lead vocals, drums, etc)
Maria Eriksson (guitar, vocals)
Ludvig Rylander (horns, piano, etc)
Daniel Vrj (guitar, mandolin, etc)
Martin Hansson (bass)
Ulrik Karlsson (horns, piano, etc)
Per Nystrm (organ, glockenspiel, etc)
Victoria Bergsman (lead vocals), former member

Artist Bio:

(From their official website) "Hey Trouble!" That was how The Concretes' heavily bearded driver greeted the band members when they first got on the bus for the their American tour last year. Little did he know how accurate he would turn out to be. Or that his catchphrase would end up as the title of the group's third album. Back to the States, May 2006: In only a matter of days the band had all their instruments stolen outside The Bowery Ballrom in New York City. Then their leadsinger Victoria collapsed in Boston. The group cancelled the rest of the tour and flew back to Europe to perform a song on The Jonathan Ross Show. Their spirits hitting an all time low. To add insult to injury, while in London and with just hours to go before shooting, Victoria decided to quit the band. Maybe the story of The Concretes should have ended there, just quietly disintegrating behind the end credits of a late night talk show on the BBC. The seven members of the band minus Victoria - got drunk that night. Really, really drunk. The didn't want to quit. They started talking about how Fleetwood Mac, one of The......[Read More]



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