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Free Loan Investments

Free Loan Investments

Free Loan Investments

Years Active: 2001 to 2003

Genre: Indie Pop, Twee

Country: Sweden

Website: n/a

Amanda Aldervall (vocals)
Roger Gunnarsson (guitar-backing vocals)
Jesper Nyren (drums)
Christer Nilsson (bass)

Artist Bio:

from the Magic Marker website - Free Loan Investments were a band from Stockholm, Sweden that played some shows and released singles and ep's on labels WIAIWYA, Booff, Socialism and Shelflife. The band consisted of Amanda Aldervall, Roger Gunnarsson, Christer Nilsson and Jesper Nyrn. Roger and Amanda met back in 2000 and recorded some early songs together. Christer and Jesper joined when the band was asked to play some shows. Unfortunately we couldn't continue our journey as a band for long, and our last recordings and shows were made in 2003.[Read More]



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