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Years Active: 1995 to present

Genre: Electronic

Country: United Kingdom


Trish Keenan (vocals)
James Cargill (bass)
Tim Felton (guitar), former member
Roj Stevens (keyboards), former member

Artist Bio:

From the Warp Records website: Birminghams Broadcast transmit radiophonic psychedelia with a sinister, spy movie swing. The edgy atmospheres generated by quartet of Trish Kennan, Roj Stevens, Tim Felton and James Cargill is the sound of a group out of time, out on a limb. When we formed Britpop was the big thing, says Roj. I think part of our frustration is as much to do with a sense of dissatisfaction with the music around us as the desire to create something stimulating. The acclaim created by their debut album The Noise Made By People suggests theyre unlikely to feel isolated for too long. Like Stereolab, kindred souls and former benefactors who released two of the groups pre-Warp singles on their Duophonic label, Broadcast are a group who transmute the sounds of the past into relics of the near future, their vinyl heroes the 60s harbingers of electronic pop whose revenant frequencies segue seamlessly into the present. According to James theyre artists that seem really fresh because very few people have picked up on their ideas. Groups like LA experimental pop unit The United States Of America or American Spring, conceived by Beach Boy Brian Wilson as a vanity-vehicle for......[Read More]