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Yo-Yo & the Chaplain

Yo-Yo & the Chaplain

photo by Mark MacLaughlin

Yo-Yo & the Chaplain

Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: Folk/Indie Pop Rock

Country: United States


Dave Cowie (Piano/Keyboards/Vocals)
Mark MacLaughlin (Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica)
Brian Hayman (Guitars/Percussion/Vocals)

Artist Bio:

The ultimate in independent music, Yo-Yo & the Chaplain began in 2006 as the brainchild of Boston-based singer/songwriter Mark MacLaughlin. Recording at home and honing his idiosyncratic style from a wide-ranging group of folk, pop, rock and blues influences, MacLaughlin has produced three self-released EPs, which he promotes by busking on the streets of New England. Expanding from his solo roots, MacLaughlin performs with a rotating group of like-minded musicians from the Boston area, including Paint by Numbers guitarist/singer Brian Hayman and keyboardist Dave Cowie. This collective is the current incarnation of Yo-Yo & the Chaplain, and they just released their first LP, Said David to Bathsheba..., promoting with shows throughout New England. Connecting to fans of DIY music via their MySpace and Facebook presences, Yo-Yo & the Chaplain are building their reputation with a unique sound and a commitment to their down-to-earth aesthetic[Read More]