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Things In My Pocket

Things In My Pocket

Marie Guldager (c) 2009

Things In My Pocket

Years Active: 2006 to present

Genre: Electronica

Country: Sweden


Anton Swrdhagen (Everything)

Artist Bio:

At first, the process was in my head - melodies and lyrics came to me and I had to write them down. When pen and paper wasn't enough I moved on to instruments. I wanted to get a proper piano education. Since there was no room for me in the piano class I taught myself and at high school I picked up the guitar. I also gradually realized how to use my voice in a way that I was satisfied with. In 2005 I visited the Arvika-festival and started to experiment with drum machines and synthesizers. I began using recording software and sequencers and started "Things In My Pocket" in the beginning of 2006[Read More]