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Lucky Soul

Lucky Soul


Years Active: 2005 to present

Genre: Soul, Pop

Country: United Kingdom


Ivor Sims (guitar, vocals)
Andrew Laidlaw (guitar, vocals)
Art Terry (keys)
Ali Howard (vocals)
Russell Grooms (bass)
Mr. Atkins (drums)
Toby Fogell, former member
Nathaniel Perkins, former member
Malcolm Young (keyboards), former member

Artist Bio:

From Ruffa Lane Records Lucky Soul are the most exciting thing to come out of Greenwich since time itself - this much is already clear on the basis of their hugely acclaimed debut album The Great Unwanted and their stunning live performances, all of which have proved incapable of inspiring anything but excited superlative proclamations, whether in the press ("melodies as colossal, memorable and irresistible as a stampede of elephants bearing down on your tent" The Guardian), On the radio ("we absolutely love that" Colin Murray, Radio 1), on the blogs ("I personally am going to carry it around with me everywhere I go, and every now and then sneak a peek to check it wasnt all some kind of fantastical dream") or from your cabbie ("I like this - it's proper music"). But who are they? What do they do? Are they surfing the crest of some hipster krautrock revival? Are they ratcheting up the new rave fad by (yet) another notch? Are they experimental folk, or jazz-metal? Do they do minimalist electronica, toytronica, punk rock, alt-core, lo-fi or mid-core? No. Actually, what Lucky Soul make is a kind of pop. But pop, that is, in the original sense of......[Read More]



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