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I took this photo of myself! Very carefully.


Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: Br8kpop? Chtrip-op? Glitch? DnBop? Something what blends too many things oh god

Country: United States


Robert J! Lake (ALL OF THEM)

Artist Bio:

I'm a guy that makes songs about things. I have too much trouble classifying it- I used to do some really bad straight up techno whatever but as I've gotten technically better I've ended up blurring every influence I have into some kind of bizarre pop machine- I can't classify it, though stupid-catchy synth melodies and glitchy beats and manipulated vocals and, more recently, distorted, bright guitar texture, are all defining parts of it. It's like if you took my music collection and you liquidized it into something cohesive.[Read More]