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Years Active: 2008 to present

Genre: indie electronic

Country: South Africa


Mark Scholtz (bass)
Robin Botha (vocals)
Antonio Cencherle (keyboards, synths and samples)
Dirk de Kock (guitar and effects)

Artist Bio:

Puck is an eclectic electronic band from Cape Town who describe their sound with the phrase: The battle between nature and machine set aside their differences and come together in alluring mix of voice and electronic To pigeonhole them would not be a suitable nest, alas this vocal description for their sound; The Live electronic three-piece combine heavy bass lines, atmospheric synths, breaks and eclectic beats. Pucks sound is driven by dark undertones with the vitality being the drama and agility through opera vocals that add warmth and character to the beats. Included in the ensemble comes a keyboard to compliment the vocals and guitars being the raw filling enchanting the melodies. Puck was founded by Antonio Cencherle and Robin Botha who realized their similar interests whilst at the SA College of Music. They were soon joined by Dirk de Kock adding his darker touch on guitar. The fourth and newest addition to the band is Mark Scholtz on Bass guitar. Their influences range through genres including opera, classical and modern bands such as Radiohead, Faithless, Muse and Portishead. Coming up with the band name, they derived Puck from Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights dream, using the nickname of the character......[Read More]