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The Shagbots

The Shagbots

photo by Brandon Gregory

The Shagbots

Years Active: 2006 to present

Genre: Dance-Rock

Country: Canada


Michael de Souza (Keyboard/Drums/Bass)
Taylor McKee (Bass/Guitar/vocals)
Jossph Mosca (Drums/Bass)
Davis De Souza (Vocals/Guitar)
Devin Bourdreau (Guitar/Vocals)

Artist Bio:

It was in a musty, poster laden, instrument filled, basement spare room in Northwest, Calgary, where the Shagbots were born. It started in Spring 2006, at the age of 16. Three years later the Shagbots are two demos stronger, and countless shows wiser. They have played note worthy events, such as opening for Sled Islands headlining acts, The Mae Shi (Los Angeles), and DDMMYYYY (Toronto). Also playing along other respected Canadian Indie acts, Ladyhawk (Vancouver), Shout Out Out Out Out (Edmonton), Woodhands (Toronto), All Purpose Voltage Heroes(Edmonton/Vancouver), Trike (Vancouver), Sharp Like Knives (Halifax), the Dudes (Calgary), and many others. The Shagbots played 48 shows in 2008, which when one considers there are 52 weeks in a year, is quite a feat for a group of university students. In the Fall of 2008, the Shagbots received recognition for their catchy, original, dance punk music in FUEL 90.3s, big Rock Star Competition. They surpassed well known calgary acts such as Hot Little Rocket, Seventh Rain, and Kara Keith to finish in the Top 3 bands in all of Calgary. They were then able to record and release their debut album, "We Were Born Tigers" in May of 2009 and tour Western Canada in support of this release. Given......[Read More]