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Cajun Dance Party

Cajun Dance Party

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Cajun Dance Party


Years Active: 2005 to present

Genre: Indie

Country: United Kingdom


Daniel Blumberg (vocals)
Will Vignoles (drums)
Max Bloom (bass, backing vocals)
Robbie Stern (guitar)
Vicky Freund (keyboard, backing vocals)

Artist Bio:

Cajun Dance Party are a 5-piece band based in London, England. The band came into being when guitarist Robbie Stern invited Daniel Blumberg (vocals), Max Bloom (bass guitar), William Vignoles (drums) and Vicky Freund (keys) to start playing together, originally to participate in their school 'battle of the bands' in 2005. In their first few band practices, the 15 year olds began working on their first four songs, 'The Next Untouchable', 'Colourful Life', 'Amylase' and 'Buttercups', which were recorded as demos and submitted to their myspace site shortly after.[Read More]