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Years Active: 2000 to 2004

Genre: Indie rock

Country: United States


Scott Thompson (Keys, guitar)
Greg Moe (bass, vox)
Zack Whittemore (Guitar, bass, vox)
Eric Hill (Bass)
Dave Bullard (Drums)

Artist Bio:

This album (why have you gone mad?) was recorded by people who generally feared and misunderstood each other in a dirty, makeshift studio above a cabinet shop located in a 100+ year old former post office/masonic lodge, 20 feet from a busy train track. The audio was sent through old PA heads and organs, vintage tube gear that their friend found at goodwill, various strange and esoteric electrical equipment, crappy thrift store mics, and a couple of decent mics that were found at pawnshops to a home made pc where it was subjected to the extremely unhealthy and obsessively detailed manipulations of the anxiety ridden, self sabotaging "producer" Years passed with little progress. By this time they all secretly hated each other so instead of working it out in a healthy adult way they used their childish resentment as artillery, decimating each other from behind their favorite mountainous terrain. Needless to say after a year or so of this they each went their separate ways. The band died before the record was finished and the material languished on HDD for a while. It was never expected that it would ever see the light of day. The only reason that this album......[Read More]