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Years Active: 2009 to present

Genre: Alt-Indie-Rock

Country: United States


Tom (Bass/Vox)
Vita (Guitar/Vox)
Nick (Drums/Vox)

Artist Bio:

Imagine an appropriation of sounds, a synthesis of emotionally driven poetry with experimental flavors in rhythm and bass. From a hum to a roar the guitar vacillates melodically between dirty noise and meticulous rhapsody. The front woman serenades languidly in Russian and English, and duets with the male vocalist in tempestuous euphony. The bass lines pull at your heartstrings and cling to your eardrums, as the drums pound hypnotizing your body to move in time. Their song styles range from danceable to downright shoe-gazing, but retain a reverence to their roots of rock and roll, and show affection for the independent artists who paved the way before them- reorganizing old ideals with new execution. This is something you need to experience for yourself, simplicity with a textured resonance that holds an offering to those who have the pallet for musical delicacies. At the end of the rabbit hole you fall into the echoes of Tunnel.[Read More]