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The Flowers of Hell

The Flowers of Hell

The Flowers of Hell

Years Active: 2002 to present

Genre: orchestral pop

Country: United Kingdom, Canada


Greg Jarvis (guitar, piano)
Jennifer Moersch (cello)
Abi Fry (viola)
Melanie Draisey (violin, glock)
Tom Hodges (flute, sax, saw)
Ami Spears (drums)
Jeremiah Knight (guitar, harmonica)
Steve Head (hammond, piano, bass, guitar)
Barry Newman (bass, guitar, harmonica)
Sean Berry (drums)
Ian Thorn (trumpet)
Hollie Stevenett (double bass)
Brian Taylor (flute, organ, saw)
Ronnie Morris (bass)
Linda Noelle Bush (drums)
Owen James (trumpet, trombone)
Ira Zingraff (trumpet)
Laura Bates (violin)

Artist Bio:

With half of us based in London and the rest of us in Toronto, the Flowers Of Hell are a trans-Atlantic rock orchestra made up of 16 or so experimental independent musicians. We mix orchestral and rock instrumentation while mainly creating wordless pieces that explore the intersecting points of classical and psychedelic blues based music (e.g., the Velvet Underground and Spacemen 3). Our name comes from the old blues ideal that the pleasure of the listener is born from the misery & toil of the musician. Our second album, Come Hell Or High Water, has somehow turned out rather epic. It took a full year of work and involved recording 30 musicians in over 40 sessions that we pulled together in London, Toronto, Prague, Detroit, & Abilene, Texas. A lot of the people on it have played in acts vastly larger than us, including the Patti Smith Group, John Cales band, Spiritualized, Spacemen 3, British Sea Power, Bat For Lashes, Broken Social Scene, The Earlies, Guided By Voices, The Clientele, Do Make Say Think, The Hidden Cameras, The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa, Tindersticks, The Early Years, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra amongst others. But were not to be mistaken for a supergroup. It isnt Patti Smith......[Read More]