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Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner


Years Active: 2005 to present

Genre: Rock

Country: United Kingdom


Alexei Berrow (guitars, vocals)
Junior Elvis (drums)
Kelly Southern (bass, vocals)

Artist Bio:

From Johnny Foreigner is a guitar pop group from Digbeth in Birmingham, UK. They like to scream a bit and sing a bit. They like a bit of a drink and get flustered and glowy when they read good press. They have been playing together since December 2005. Their first two singles (Sometimes, in the Bullring and Yes! You Talk Too Fast) were put out at the end of 2006 and the start of 2007 by a nice man called ren who runs the Laundrette Recording Company in Sheffield. They were played on the radio and people wrote loads of nice things about them on teh internetz.[Read More]



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