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Anderson Council

Anderson Council

Anderson Council

Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: rock

Country: Canada


Jeff Robertson (Guitar, Vocals, Aux. Percussion)
Mike Macchione (Percussion, Aux Vocals)
Craig Robertson (Guitar, Piano, Vocals)
Dave Yorke (Bass, Aux. Vocals )

Artist Bio:

Mix a collection of rock and funk influences and you will eventually get Anderson Council, a psychedelic jam band heavily influenced by artists from the past and present. Such a combination of Pink Floyd, Jack White and Sam Roberts has led the band to experiment with electric guitar riffs and a walking bass line that keeps the band on track. In addition, raw, emotive lyrics and a funk-influenced drumbeat make Anderson Council a musical mosaic. This four-piece from Ajax, Ontario write their songs out of jam sessions. The group of friends banded together musically in 2007 and after gigging around Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area they have quickly built up a loyal, local fan base. Their influences are present on stage and on the surface as the band took their name from the same blues musicians names that their biggest inspiration did, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. The boys were quick to jump into playing gigs and band competitions. After winning several Supernova hosted competitions, including the Battle of the Bands and the Out of the Garage Series, the group has been asked by the promoter to headline their current contests. As with previous Supernova winners Sum......[Read More]