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Return To Mono

Return To Mono

photo by Stephan Morais

Return To Mono

Years Active: 2006 to present

Genre: Electronica, Rock

Country: United States


J.G. Paulos (Guitar)
Andy Sybilrud (Keyboard)
Tanya Kelleher (Vocals)

Artist Bio:

Return To Mono formed in San Francisco in 2006, with members Tanya Kelleher, Andy Sybilrud, and J.G. Paulos. They've been described by Keyboard as "Repositioning the proven hybrid of edgy female vocals & dark, grooving electronics used by Garbage, Portishead & Mechanical Birds." while hailing their EP Involution as "Original, sophisticated, skillfully crafted, and highly listenable." Vocalist Tanya Kelleher's style partly draws from the brief time that she spent in the Madison music scene singing in a band with Sigtryggur Baldursson (The Sugarcubes) prior to lending her influence to Return To Mono's distinct brand of ambient electro rock. Combining "powerful vocals with solid beats and sophisticated grooves" (The Deli SF), "this group delivers a larger than life performance that makes for an incredible one-night journey" (Nitevibe) 2009 finds them hard at work on a new full length album Framebreaker a darkwave electro rock manifesto with undercurrents of lush spacey ambience. A rare outake of the track Caterpillar is featured on the Digital Bliss Vol. 2 compilation as a small taste of what's to come, delivering crunchy beats, heavily processed guitars, lush electronic landscapes and trademark "Full bodied vocals from Tanya Kelleher that just drip with sultriness." (Plug In)[Read More]