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Michael Leviton

Michael Leviton

photo by Sasha Rudensky

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Michael Leviton


Years Active: 2001 to present

Genre: folk, rock

Country: United States


Michael Leviton

Artist Bio:

It was Summer of 2001 on Matador Beach in Malibu, California when Michael Leviton first sat with a ukulele and a pretty girl and performed his ukulele love songs. The girl was charmed but not successfully wooed. Nevertheless, this leisurely summer romance blossomed into a magnificent obsession: not with the girl, but with ukulele love songs. By the time Michael relocated to New York at the end of the Summer of 2002, he had composed fifteen nautically-themed ukulele love songs specifically for beach concerts before audiences of one. Michaels ukulele seductions reached their climax with his composition For Lydia. Tragically, Lydia was like the others before her: charmed but not wooed. Michael was not discouraged. In fact, his love song productivity doubled, though his lyrical subject slightly shifted. The songs still glowed with innocence and longing, but now they also contained themes of heartbreak, alienation, despair. After numerous rejections with varying degrees of harshness, Michael gave up on love and concentrated all romantic energy on ukulele songwriting. It was in this celibate period that he wrote the most bittersweet material on his debut album, songs like Saltwater to Quench Your Thirst, The Beach Gets Cold, and Summers the Worst. Michael had never......[Read More]