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The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap


Years Active: 2005 to present

Genre: rock

Country: Australia


Dougy Mandagi (vocals, guitar)
Jonathon Aherne (bass)
Lorenzo Sillitto (lead guitar, keyboards)
Toby Dundas (drums)

Artist Bio:

From their MySpace page - The Temper Trap's story begins with Dougy. Born in Indonesia and immersed in an artistic and musical family, with some rich influences from singing in church choirs with his aunty and uncle and listening to his dad, a country music fan, play guitar. These influences evolved around Dougy, as he moved consistently from different islands in Indonesa, to Hawaii and then eventually to Australia. Dougy's move to Downunder started him out as a portrait drawer at $25 a pop, or singing a tune for your loose change in downtown Melbourne. Dougy eventually ended up working at the same retail store as Toby. Dougy had thought of starting a band for years and after a few months of boring work hours and finding out Toby was a drummer and a walking musical dictionary, the first band practice began, minus a bass player. In one of the coincedences that the band have come to rely on Jonny worked a couple of stores down and was called in. He had known Dougy for years, back in the busking days when dougy first arrived in melbourne. jonny, the 13 year old dreamer and son of a missionary, wanted to learn some......[Read More]



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