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The Very Sexuals

The Very Sexuals

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The Very Sexuals


Years Active: 2008 to present

Genre: indie / pop / indierock

Country: the Netherlands


Oscar Kocken
Jelle van Veenen
Rob Bours
Cox Dieben
Niels Philipsen
Pien Feith
Joep van Son

Artist Bio:

It's 2008 and the apocalypse didn't wait for you It did not wait for you or for me, it waited for nobody Only a few could escape the fire And they don't know why they were so lucky Maybe it's because they still had a message to convey Maybe they are functioning as prey Or maybe it's because they are So.Very.Sexual. The Very Sexuals is the project of songwriters Joep van Son (The Sugarettes) and Pien Feith joined by Cox Dieben, Niels Philipsen, Jelle van Veened and technician Rob Bours with other contributing artists Iskaa (The Sugarettes) and violinist Oscar Kocken.[Read More]