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Jacob Vanags

Jacob Vanags

Jacob Vanags

Years Active: 2006 to present

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock

Country: United States


Jacob Vanags (Vocals/Piano)
Nicky Cantatore (Bass/Double Bass)
Jeremy Landis (Bass/Cello)
Zach Periharos (Drums/Trumpet)

Artist Bio:

Few artists can find the elusive balance between a song that hooks you in and a song that encourages another detailed listen. Its on this fine line of ambitious pop-rock that indie piano-rocker, Jacob Vanags, has found his home. As a Kent, Ohio native and well-traveled New York resident, Vanags has meshed his multitude of experiences and inspirations to create a brand new niche between the same-old and the usual. One reviewer describes it as a mix between Death Cab for Cutie and The Format. Vanags is now on the verge of releasing this fresh sound with Pulses are Pluses, a six track EP set to be released on November 3rd. After the successful debut of his first solo EP, The Come On! Collection, Jacob was joined by drummer and trumpet player, Zach Periharos, and bassist, Nick Cantatore, to create a full and energizing mix of piano rock anthems with pulsing beats and masterful basslines. Add in Dylan Ebrahimians violin prowess and Jeremy Landis production expertise and you have an epically exciting six songs. Lyrically, Jacob revolves the EP around a central theme of positivity and the realization that you have all that you have. But nothing could sum it......[Read More]