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Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard


Years Active: 1999 to present

Genre: Indiepop/ Shoegaze

Country: United States, Philippines


Dale Marquez (bass, keyboards, programming, guitars)
Ryan Marquez (vocals, guitars, programming, bass)

Artist Bio:

"Wide Awake" was the reason why Apple Orchard came into existence. Manila's Definition Records included the track in the now much sought-after Filipino compilation, Mutual Admiration Society back in 2000. Fulfilled and pleased with the result, brothers Ryan and Dale Marquez then constantly conspired writing the starriest of starry-eyed pop tunes. The Marquez brothers have played together in Dorian Of Juniper Bells (which incidentally, was also included in the Mutual Admiration Society comp), aside from their other bands: Ryan with Sodajerk and Carnival Park and Dale for Sonnet LVIII and also, Soft Pillow Kisses. Apple Orchard on the other hand was a project which arose without fine warning, but with silent anticipation. The band's name was taken from a song by Nottingham outfit Bouquet and the brothers considered The Sugargliders, The Field Mice, Brighter, Sweet William and Sarah Records as primary inspirations. In the early years of the band after "Wide Awake", plenty songs were written on a 4-track with mostly schoolboy lyrics and near-whispered melodies. Most of these tunes appeared in various compilations, such as Stamp Collecting (For Beginners) from the Secret Crush imprint and Dashboard Teddy from Dorothy Records, as well as cassette EPs like Last Wednesday from Popgun......[Read More]