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Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes

photo by Tom Beard

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Blood Red Shoes


Years Active: 2004 to present

Genre: rock, punk

Country: United Kingdom


Steven Ansell (drums/vocals)
Laura-Mary Carter (guitar/vocals)

Artist Bio:

From their official website -born virginia katherine mcmath in independence, missouri, july 16, 1911, and taking her stage name from a mispronunciation of virginia and her stepfather's surname, some say ginger rogers was born to dance. one of the brightest stars during the early days of cinema, many of those who knew her as a little girl said she could dance before she could walk. indeed, there's an account ingrained in hollywood folklore that tells of an occasion when she rehearsed a dance routine so hard, so passionately and so vigorously, that when her choreographer returned to visit her after a short break, they presumed she'd changed her white dancing pumps to red ones. truth is she danced so hard she'd inadvertently soaked them violent red with blood procured from cuts on her dancing feet. "ginger rogers did everything fred astaire did," recalls an old, unattributed quote. "but she did it backwards and in high heels." born blood red shoes in brighton, england, november 2004, and taking their name from the aforementioned yarn, likewise, some say laura-mary carter (guitar / vocals) and steven ansell (drums / vocals) were destined to make music together the moment they first met. "i used to go see steven's then-band......[Read More]