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Years Active: 2005 to present

Genre: Dance Punk, Math Rock

Country: United Kingdom


Yannis Philippakis (guitars, vocals)
Jack Bevan (drums)
Edwin Congreave (keyboards)
Jimmy Smith (guitar)
Andrew Mears, former member
Walter Gervers (bass), former member

Artist Bio:

What links the minimalism of American composer Steve Reich, guitars that sound like insects and tennis player Andy Roddick? The answer is Foals. The explanation is a bit complicated. Foals are a five-piece dance-rock band currently living in and native to the town of Oxford, England. Thats where Yannis Philippakis (20, vocals/guitar), Edwin Congreave (22, keyboards), Walter Gervers (23, bass), Jimmy Smith (22, guitar), and Jack Bevan (21, drums) met and bonded over a shared sense of humor. Bored with the interchangeable electro records they heard at every party, they decided to make the kind of music they wanted to dance to. We wanted to make music that was very technical, that wasnt just party music, but at the same time you could dance to it, explains Yannis. Christening themselves Foals in a nod to Yannis surname (which means little lover of horses in Greek), the band installed themselves in a tiny rehearsal room and started bouncing ideas off one another. Tensions ran high. I was shocked by how critical every one was of each other, says Edwin. Weve always been very self-critical, expands Yannis. If the high-pressure atmosphere strained intra-band relations, they quickly identified a winning formula: driving percussion high in the mix......[Read More]