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Au Revoir Simone

Au Revoir Simone


Years Active: 2003 to present

Genre: Pop, Electronica

Country: United States


Annie Hart (Keyboards, vocals )
Erika Forster (Keyboards, vocals )
Heather D'Angelo (drum machine, keyboard, vocals )

Artist Bio:

From Moshi Moshi Records "Au Revoir Simone appear onstage like the sisters from The Virgin Suicides - their looks ranging from prim librarian, to hippy housewife to raven-haired art student. They excavate the lost corner, joining Ladytron and Camera Obscura: lush electronic hypno-folk, that breezes from the speakers like chocolate melting over one of Latitude's many 5-a-crepe food stalls" [NME 'THe Best Of The Rest Of The Fest. Latitude] "Au Revoir Simone must have beamed in from a land where lace clouds breeze over crystal lakes and icicles grow from the warm earth. This New York three-piece's glorious synth-lead alt-folk will leave you crying on the stairs in the middle of the night" [NME Radar article] Harbouring a love of synthesizers and vintage drum machines, Brooklyn trio Au Revoir Simone made their UK debut with the release of mini album, 'Verses of Comfort, Assurance and Salvation', on Moshi Moshi Records on October 31st. Offering up a generous helping of charm and intelligence, 'Verses...' is a lesson for us all in what expertly layered synths, ethereal, heart felt and heart-rendering vocals, dreamy melodies, and palpitating drum machine-induced disco beats should sound like when properly woven together. Au Revoir Simone started......[Read More]