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They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants

Years Active: 1982 to present

Genre: rock, pop, children's music

Country: United States


John Flansburgh
John Linnell
Dan Miller
Marty Beller
Danny Weinkauf

Artist Bio:

From the band's Wikipedia entry - Named after the 1971 film 'They Might Be Giants', the band was formed in 1982 by John Linnell and John Flansburgh. Linnell and Flansburgh (often nicknamed "the two Johns" or "John and John") first met as teenagers growing up in Lincoln, Massachusetts. They began writing songs together while attending Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School but didn't officially form a band. The two attended separate colleges after high school (Flansburgh attended Pratt Institute), and Linnell joined The Mundanes, a New Wave group from Rhode Island. The two reunited in 1981 after moving to Brooklyn (to the same apartment building on the same day) to continue their career. The duo began performing their own music in and around New York City Flansburgh on guitar, Linnell on accordion and saxophone, and accompanied by a drum machine and/or a prerecorded backing track on audio cassette. Their atypical instrumentation, along with their songs which featured unusual subject matter and clever wordplay, soon attracted a strong local following. Their performances also featured absurdly comical stage props such as oversized fezzes and large cardboard cutout heads of newspaper editor William Allen White Many of these props would later turn up in their first music......[Read More]