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My Little Pony

My Little Pony


Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: pop

Country: Norway


Marie Sneve Martiniussen (bass)
Nina B (organ)
Simen Herning (vocals, guitar, piano, ukele)
Ola Innset (vocals, guitar)
Jrgen Nordby (drums, kalimba)

Artist Bio:

From the band's MySpace page - Although we hail from different parts of Norway, we all live in the beautiful capital of Oslo. We started our band some two years ago, and since then we have played over 120 show in ten different countries, released one EP and an album and released two volumes of our compilation CD-R "Around the world with My Little Pony". Our EP "Songs in A major" was released in October 08, it is not available in mainstream record stores, but in some quite special ones, on our concerts, and by mailorder from are lucky enough to be signed to the fantastic indie label Spoon Train Audio, based here in Oslo. In fact, members of the band started the label, so we had some good contacts. In November 09 we released our debut album "Think Too Much" here in Norway to much critical praise. Very shortly it will be released in both Sweden, Japan and The Philippines.[Read More]