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The Cribs

The Cribs


Years Active: 2001 to present

Genre: rock, punk

Country: United Kingdom


Johnny Marr (guitar)
Ross Jarman (drums)
Ryan Jarman (guitar, vocals)
Gary Jarman (bass, vocals)

Artist Bio:

From The Cribs are an English 4-piece indie rock band from Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The band consists of twins Gary and Ryan Jarman and their younger brother Ross Jarman. Recently they have been joined by ex-The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr who has been made a formal member of the group since 2008. The band, who first became active on the concert circuit in 2002, were initially tied to other like-minded UK bands of that time, most notably The Libertines, by a British music press that were looking for a 'British rearguard' to the wave of popular US indie rock bands of the time. In 2008, Q magazine described the band as "The biggest cult band in the UK".[Read More]