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Corduroy Utd.

Corduroy Utd.

Corduroy Utd.

Years Active: 2001 to 2005

Genre: pop

Country: Sweden


Anna Akerblom (guitar)
Gustav Agren (vocals)
John Ring (guitar)
Alexander Salzberger (harmonies and tambourine)
Sandra Valenca (trumpet)
Mark Magnuson (organ and guitar)
Sam Carlshamre (trombone and guitar)
Leo Nathorst-Boos (bass)
Justus Bjrk (drums)
Gustav Agren (vocals)

Artist Bio:

From Wikipedia - Corduroy Utd. Is a Swedish band from Stockholm who were active between 2001 and 2005. They started out as a solo project by vocalist Gustaf gren during 2001. He received piano lessons from Helena in the band Edson, and when she found out that Gustav also wrote songs, she was interested to hear his material. She was impressed by what she heard, and therefore the material forwarded to the former Summer Sound Recordings, which later became the record label Labrador. This became the foundation for the band's debut EP "Corduroy Utd." which was released in 2002. Gustav had gathered a number of members to a real band, and he also had the help of members of the Edson, including the production and string arrangements. The onset was marked by the right soft image, "mespop" according to some, but over time developed its sound and soul-punk direction. This can be clearly heard on "Oh Eira", the first and only album the band released. The debut album received relatively little attention in Sweden, particularly due to lack of promotion from the label's directions. Despite this, there is great interest in Corduroy Utd. in particular Germany, which led to the band went there for......[Read More]