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Maxmo Park

Maxmo Park


Years Active: 2000 to present

Genre: post-punk, rock

Country: United Kingdom


Tom English (drums)
Duncan Lloyd (guitars)
Paul Smith (vocals)
Archis Tiku (bass)
Lukas Wooller (keyboard)

Artist Bio:

From Maxmo Park are an English Indie Rock band, signed to Warp Records, who formed in 2003. Drawing comparisons to Pulp and Franz Ferdinand, Maxmo Park were, along with cohorts The Futureheads, North-East England's response to the post-punk revival of the 2000s. The five-piece Maxmo Park formed in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear in April 2003, their name adapted from Maximo Gomez Park, a Havana meeting place for Cuban revolutionaries. Initally, the four founding members were an avant-garde band without a singer who didn't play shows and rehearsed just for their own pleasure, frequently switching instruments. On the verge of splitting up, they instead decided to look for somebody to provide more of a focus on stage and lyrically. Singer Paul Smith was discovered by the girlfriend of drummer Tom English in a pub while he was singing along to a Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition'. Having found someone with something of a stage presence, they started to write their first songs together, all despite the fact that the frontman never imagined himself as a frontman of a band. He'd never sung on stage beforehand, so it was a touch of luck that he turned out to be as well suited to the......[Read More]