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Peter, Bjorn and John

Peter, Bjorn and John


Years Active: 1999 to present

Genre: Pop

Country: Sweden


John Eriksson (drums, percussion and vocals)
Bjrn Yttling (bass guitar, keyboards and vocals)
Peter Morn (vocals, guitar and harmonica)

Artist Bio:

From the band's official website What happened in 1999. Three modern legends passed away. Lee Falk, the creator of The Phantom, the musician / composer "Moondog" and Stanley Kubrick. Napster was created, people worried about the millenium bug (Y2K) and Phil Collins did the Tarzan soundtrack. On the bright side, Peter Morn, Bjorn Yttling and John Eriksson formed sort of a supertrio that year. At least some of their friends thought so. They were all living in Stockholm, Sweden and they were also trying to make a living. After getting a little bit drunk on a summerparty in 1999 Bjorn and John met and spoke about something. They noticed that they both had read "The Phantom" a lot and they had also bought and listened to the same CD. The CD was "Better Can't Make Your Life Better" by the band "Lilys". A CD with great melodys, strange drumpatterns and complicated chord progressions. Since John had been a hardcore fusion-music consumer for many years he though (in a drunken state) that it sounded good to try to play this kind of music with Bjorn and Bjorns best friend Peter who Bjorn said also loved "the Lilys" album. Peter was at that time......[Read More]