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the JEALOUS sea

the JEALOUS sea

photo by angela coomer.

the JEALOUS sea

Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: indie/dream/twee pop

Country: United States


taylor b crawley ([vocals, keyboards, trumpet])
ronardo p recacho ([guitars, electric bass guitar, drum kit, vocals, percussion])

Artist Bio:

"shimmering, dreamy indiepop from florida! think early sarah records." THE JEALOUS SEA is ronardo p. recacho & taylor b. crawley, respectively. they are giddy indie pop geeks in love with all things pretty. they obsessively listen to obscure, limited edition seven-inch [7"] singles released on ridiculously tiny labels. they immerse themselves in french new wave cinema & the modernist culture. they adore subtitles. they pour over european fashion magazines whilst drinking cappuccino & nibbling on biscotti. they write song after song after song about crushes [and being crushed, repectively]. they take an enormous amount of pride in the fact that they are extremely well-versed in all things cute. their musical cues are deeply rooted in guitar jangle/bubblegum chirp/rainy-day balladry. their lyrical arsenal blurs the line between gradeschool earnestness and arch, bratty simplicity. they incorporate the D.I.Y. spirit of punk with the gentle innocence/sweetness of the 1960's girl-group era. their catchy melodies, boy-girl harmonies & rebellious innocence set them apart from their peers by fully embracing pop. in all respects. [music. art. culture.]. they are in debt [& pay homage] to their numerous influences. ie, they give credit where credit is due. they are music fans before they are musicians. they love......[Read More]