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Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse

Years Active: 1993 to present

Genre: rock

Country: United States


Dann Gallucci (guitars )
Tom Peloso (vocals, other instruments )
Eric Judy (bass, guitars)
John Wickhart (bass )
Johnny Marr (guitars, vocals)
Jim Fairchild (guitars)
Jeremiah Green (drums, percussion)
Joe Plummer (percussion)
Isaac Brock (lead vocals, guitars, banjo, ukulele)
Benjamin Weikel (drums)

Artist Bio:

From their official website - Modest Mouse biography A Story by James Stockstill One evening at Denvers Bluebird Theater, where Modest Mouse was playing on a bill with fellow Northwesterners Built to Spill, Graham broke a second-floor window and stole into the backstage area. As Modest Mouse came off stage, he was excitedly waiting for them, blood streaming from cuts on his arms and face that hed received from stray shards of glass. Chanting Thisll do it under his breath, Graham introduced himself to the source of his enlightenment. Here again the facts become obscured. While each band member remembers Graham saying Thisll do it repeatedly, they disagree on how he referred to him-self. According to Brock, he introduced himself as Ugly Casanova. Green remembers Graham saying Im Isaac, and Judy remembers Im Ed. Perhaps the only deciding factor would have been tour companion Chris Majerus, who had run off to get towels and bandages for Grahams wounds. Though Graham was obviously unbalancedor because of the factBrock, Judy and Majerus all took an immediate liking to him. In an enchanted tribute to Graham, Modest Mouse began to use Ugly Casanova as their publishing name. The three even persuaded a few......[Read More]