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Years Active: 2000 to 2008

Genre: Rock

Country: United Kingdom


Tommy B (keyboards)
Oli Frost (guitars, vocals)
Niall Buckler (bass, vocals)
Gareth Jennings (drums)
James New (lead vocals)
James Arguile (guitar)

Artist Bio:

(From their official website - 2007) 9th July 1985... on this day Joe M. Rodgers of Tennessee was nominated to become Ambassador of the United States of America to France. He would succeed Evan Griffith Galbraith. Meanwhile in Essex, Niall Richey Buckler, founder, chancellor and warmonger of Mumm-ra was born. The consequence was that fourteen years on, an idea that had been fermenting for his whole life bore consequence, a flower bloomed and the band was formed. We five unsuspecting teenagers were drawn together by a mutual disaffection for what we saw as the drudgery and boredom of various aspects of youthful culture in our school. Together, we developed a fondness for making noise and later, songs, of a kind. The songs were an expression of the effects our surroundings had on our imaginations. We inhabit a little town called Bexhill-on-Sea, a once thriving Victorian resort on the South Coast of England that has long since slid into a small, grey existence where the elderly inexplicably congregate. But it is, if you look around, an intriguing place and as youngster eager not to slide effortlessly into the boredom we saw all around us, we found that all we needed was some imagination......[Read More]