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Us-2 Evil-0

Us-2 Evil-0


Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: indie pop

Country: Philippines


Quark Henares (vocals)
Mich Dulce (vocals)
Wincy Ong (keyboards, guitar)
Nix Puno (bass guitar)
Bogs Jugo (drums)

Artist Bio:

Us-2 Evil-0 are composed of former members of Narda, Pupil, Death to Pokemon Castro, Twisted Halo and Death by Tampon. They were formed during one drunken Rockeoke session in late 2007, and were beholden to the promise to stick together by pinky swears. When asked to describe their music, they replied, "it matters not what our sound is. what is important is that we are on the side of good."[Read More]