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since 2007


Years Active: 2008 to present

Genre: electronic rock

Country: Canada


Mark Sandford (guitar / vocals)
Chris Ploss (drums)
Scott Nelson (bass)
Phil Gordon (guitar)
Matthew Kolaitis (electronics)

Artist Bio:

Twenty five years ago Mr. and Mrs. Sandford considered having a baby. Unfortunately they weren't ready for financial reasons, so they waited a couple years and lo and behold, Mark Sandford was conceived. A few years later, the rest of the members of FLUXUS (Matt, Phil, Chris and Scott) were also conceived. It just so happens that they all came to the same school, and became pals. As it turned out, Chris, Mark, Scott and Phil were all in love with Matt's girlfriend, Penelope. She invited all of them to a steak dinner, where they all became confused. Penelope just wasn't into them. They told her, "But we love you Penelope," but she said, "I've fallen in love with a Frenchman." The boys then formed a band out of spite. What you hear now is FLUXUS, the result of a beautiful girl, many instruments and the city of Montreal.[Read More]