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the tomatometers

the tomatometers

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the tomatometers


Years Active: 2006 to present

Genre: indie pop minimal

Country: France


brunodeee (guitar, bass, drums, voice)

Artist Bio:

The Tomatometers were born on november 2006 in east London.It was probably raining that day but ... what's the point : they're about sun, growing plants and wooden instruments. It all started with an acoustic guitar and a computer, some ideas in mind and the rough hope that one day someone would say they liked the songs. But starting here would be like missing 3/4er of the story... Before that, Bruno played in some pop bands, some were good - others less. From gigs to encounters, it happens that the band - refry - found home at plasticpancake records and dealt the first release of the label back in 97 and another one in 99. At that time, the instrument was a drum kit. Then, as a designer, Bruno put up the website for the label in the same time as becoming freelancer under the name chromascope. This is maybe why the Tomatometers is not just a band but also an ever- evolving structure, a schizophrenic ectoplasm torn inside sounds and images. Or not... The 5 uncertainties ep came out end 2006 for friends, mostly. A few songs also ended up being released on edition59, a 3inch cdr german label. Then it turned out that it......[Read More]